Sunday, April 8, 2012

A return to cyberspace!

It has certainly been a long while since I've spilled my thoughts and innermost secrets into your welcoming text fields, dear blog world. We've been separated for quite a while, but I've decided it might be time to make a return - I hope you'll have me back.

Writing came easy on the road when so much was new and amazing and overwhelming, but it's been two years (or more) since I had to shrug off the well-worn backpack and somehow assimilate into the monotony of the five day, forty hour workweek. For a free spirit to be cooped up in an apartment (with a lease!), running the same commute (owning a car, the horror!) every day to do the same thing in the same cube...well, it has been somewhat bleak. Needless to say, my creative energies have been sapped and inspiration has been low.

I am determined to break out of this slump and reclaim my life - hoping to find beauty in this "real world" experience that, if I must go through before returning to the open road someday, should attempt to appreciate and enjoy.

Life in a little town in Rhode Island may not seem like the most epic of existences, but I'm sure there must be adventures to be found here nonetheless. Wish me luck!

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